PoS Benefits

How can PoS retail systems benefit my business?

Till operations – Make till transactions easier with EPoS retail systems. Your PoS system will do all the calculations for you, ensuring a smooth and efficient transaction process. Your PoS system will also provide bar-coded receipts, which will save you time and minimise fraudulent returns. Look up product codes, see available stock, adjust prices, reprint receipts and much more!

Stock control – See your stock inventory in real time; as soon as an item is sold your EPoS retail system will automatically adjust the stock inventory so you will always have an accurate account of your stock. This makes re-ordering and stock management much easier and saves you valuable time. If you have multiple stores, you can also easily view stock levels at other stores, allowing you to see where stock replenishment is needed.

Reporting – Use your PoS system to produce reports for your store! Calculate sales figures, evaluate which items are selling well and monitor product and staff performance. EPoS systems also enable you to accurately target your customers by identifying your key market, as you can ascertain when you make the most sales, and how different products and lines are performing.

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