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Intelligent Retail speak at the Pandora Catwalk cafe on retail technology and promotion

Intelligent Retail at the Jewellery Show, NEC Birmingham

Europe’s Largest Trade Fair – A Cornucopia of Trade!

Every year Intelligent Retail travel to the NEC, Birmingham to attend Spring Fair. This is a glittering event, crammed full of everything you might want to sell and then some – in all the displays are staggering in their size and diversity, with everything from top quality solid oak furniture to the latest gadgets and toys on display.

What we love to go and see though is the jewellery show. Here you can find all manner of jewellery, watches and trinkets, with a massive array on show spanning lower cost costume jewellery right upto multi-thousand pound diamond rings.

As an exhibitor at these types of events, Intelligent Retail spend a lot of time interacting with visitors, finding out about new innovations, speaking to customers and also speaking on stage. The event is so immersive that hours pass by quickly, especially when we get up on stage to speak about retail technology and promoting client websites – infact our Online Marketing team love these events as they give us a real buzz.

You’ll see many things at the Jewellery Show at the NEC, many centre around the Pandora catwalk. Here you will find the largest stands and that’s where you’ll usually find the Intelligent Retail stand. Our staff work tirelessly here to show potential customers the benefits of top quality electronic point of sale software, with demonstrations and information given out.

With a special Connect system for jewellery retailers, the Intelligent Retail system offers jewellery retailers the very best system at a great price – fantastic for independent jewellers and watch shops alike.