A Point of Sale System (PoS) or Electronic Point of Sale System (EPoS) is a computerised till system which not only processes till transactions such as customer purchases and returns, but also has a variety of functions to facilitate easy stock management. Your PoS system can be used with multiple sign-on accounts and different access levels giving extra security. Today the most up to date point of sale systems support multichannel retail by integrating eCommerce or websites with the PoS stock control system. Some even make it easy to sell on eBay and Amazon all with central stock control. In terms of retail PoS computer technology, retailers have never had it so good!

Should I Use PoS?

Using a Point of Sale system will benefit your business in many ways, here are some ideas on ways in which PoS can help retailers.

PoS Benefits

From till operations to stock control and reporting, we look at some of the ways Point of Sale solutions can help retailers.

PoS Retailers

Some examples of retailers using modern PoS systems in their shops can be found on this list of PoS retailers.